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“…From the bottom of our hearts we thank you again for your patience, your knowledge and your professionalism.” David Hoard
“…Thank you so much for helping me enter this new chapter in my life…..and I would gladly recommend you to anyone who may be considering this option for lifetime security.” Patricia
“We want to thank you for the way you facilitated our reverse mortgage….” Jennifer and Howard Gostin
“…And now for the BIG news! I am able to retire on July 1st of this year….” Sharon Harts
“Certainly if I know of anyone looking into a reverse mortgage I would recommend they speak with you.” Katie Errera Van Dorpe
“…You always explained a step by step plan to me, and then you always had a “Plan B” and even then a “plan C.” Janna R. Clinton
“…It’s a financial relief to know that our Equity Line of credit is paid off, our property taxes are up to date and we have a line of credit we can draw on.” Susan and Richard Bezuka

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